Don’t shoot the piano player–or the lawyer

We’ve made the decision to move my legal office back into the house. I had it there for several years, when I was a single mom with older daughters at home. Then I got married, had toddlers in the house, and went to work for Legal Services to get benefits, so I closed it.

But looking at the state of current affairs, it just seems to be a good idea to be close to home. First, the kids are starting therapy again and we get afternoons filled with lovely strangers in our home; but a parent needs to be present. Second, the cost of gas and electric are supposed to double in our area–it’s hard to justify paying for that at home and in an office downtown at the same time. Third, I can be available to clients later each day, because I won’t have to rush home to get kids off the bus. Of course, there’s always the question whether the economy will be left in shreds any given day–cutting expenses to a minimum would surely help in an economic crunch.

On the other hand, having a professional office in your home, particularly one where people get a little volatile, is sometimes an adventure of the not-so-pleasant kind. My older girls still remember some of the drama. Like the skinny little woman who drove semi-truck and never bathed, whose child was placed in foster care and then decided he liked it better than home. She came by the house the night after the hearing and threw all his belongings onto our front lawn. The Truck Lady. Now those were good times.

There’s also a bullethole in the front window that we’ve never quite traced. We weren’t home when it happened. That’s good enough for us.

The Cabana Boy is talking about getting us some protection. We’ve been a little reluctant to have any firearms in the house because of the Captain’s difficulty with distinguishing reality vs. television/fantasy, i.e. when people are shot on TV, they are revived or come back on another show next week, etc. (I mean seriously, how many times can you kill Stefano DiMera??) But there’s just something about people who feel they have nothing to lose that makes you want to take that extra step to make sure you’re safe.

We’ve been working on rearranging, clearing out, cleaning up the areas in which we’ve now grown comfortable to return them to a professional standard. Some people, I’m sure, will feel that a lawyer without an “official” office isn’t good enough. So be it. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, you know? Many years ago, I came to terms with the fact I’d never be F. Lee Bailey or Gloria Allred. I just want to serve my community in a small, quiet way. Apparently, with a gun in the office drawer.


8 thoughts on “Don’t shoot the piano player–or the lawyer

  1. OH my – I work from a home office but am an HR Mgr who doesn’t have to have anyone come it – can do it either on the phone or I go to see them. But if I gave out my home address I shudder to think of what people might do – after I’ve terminated them for performance or whatever. Frightening. Take care – and Good Luck!!!

  2. HA! Maybe this gun can get stolen too. 😉

    PS- nice Days of our Lives reference. I haven’t watched that soap in over a decade.

  3. Babs my husband and I have an office 5 mins away from home. We have thought about the move to home as well. My fear is that sine he is a criminal defense attorney, his clients scare the crap outta me. Still given the economic crunch we still might have to go that route too. Good luck. I’ll be listening – not for any shots I hope.

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