You can’t handle the truth!

So there we were, at the Dublin, Ohio Irish Festival this weekend, all of us, even the wee ones, doing what my older children still think is one of the crazier things I do: waiting to encounter someone I met on the Internet.

This delightful woman Daisyfae is the author of Trailer Park Refugee, one of the first blogs I found last December when I was still a blog virgin, and from time to time I remain convinced I am not fit to worship even her shoes, if she wore any. If you read her for awhile, you’ll see what I mean. Or even more so.

Anyway, there we were, with about a thousand other people, awaiting the appearance of our mutually-admired Irish band, Gaelic Storm, trying to track each other across the huge grounds by cell phone tag. Fortunately, Little Miss was wearing the coral-pink cowboy hat she got at her grandmother’s, which just shouted ‘trailer park!’, apparently, so we found each other.

Daisyfae was traveling with her friend Mr. K, and as soon as the Cabana Boy announced he was addicted to World of Warcraft, that was it. Mr. K (apparently named for a Gaelic Storm song, as was some lucky soul from West Virginia) confessed that he, too, was a recovering WoW addict. And they were off.

This was our chance. Daisyfae in her corset and I in my slinky black shirt slipped off into the crowd gathered by the front of the stage to peer up over the edge into the bright lights. There was the guitar man, Steve Twigger, bent over checking out his equipment, while we were checking out his… well. You know. Equipment. Heavenly. And Pete, the Canadian…well sorry, Patrick, he doesn’t HAVE to do anything to just be hawt. You know?

As we were dancing there in front of the stage, Steve and Pete invited us up on stage just like we were Alicia Silverstone! We considered our professional reputations, of course, the time of night, the phase of the moon, and glanced over at our men, still engaged in Trolls, Wizards and animated warfare, and then said “Hell yes!”

The crowd was great! Before we knew it, we were singing with the band, and heck, I learned how to play fiddle in about 30 seconds and my bow was blazin’! Daisyfae was drumming away with Ryan on his big box drum like she’d been born to it. These guys are a lot of fun, and Daisyfae and I, well, we know all about a sense of humor and a good time, so we led the audience contest for “Me and the Moon,” and we won!

After the set, they of course asked us if we wanted to make the rounds of the local pubs with them, you know, to make it a night, and we….we… um. Well we sure would have liked to. Yep.

You know, Patrick kind of summed it up here:

Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story, No harm, no foul, no crime

Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story….it’ll get ’em every time.

So we’ll let the story stand. But it was a shiny meeting, and a great geekspeak exchange. Even Little Miss came up to shake hands with everyone. And if anyone had an axe, I never saw it.

11 thoughts on “You can’t handle the truth!

  1. Oh, my…. You left out the part about the Dublin police confiscating the cameras. I’ll get that part up over at The Park! (and my axe was collected by the crack security team at the gate…)

    For all of awalkabout’s readers – i can tell you that in person, she is the real thing! i continue to worship at her alter – and the world needs more human advocates! Thrilled to have been able to meet up in person!

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  3. Contrary to popular belief, Mr. K. (Cabana Boy 1.5) and I did not Wow speak the night away. After we had driven the womenfolk off with talk of levels, classes and PVP we attached the children’s leashes to the tent we were under and started a wonderful conversation with a couple of Riverdancers. Mind you those Irish girls sure can distract. However since I don’t blog, (because that would take away from my rapidly shrinking WOW time) I guess I won’t get my side of the story in. Let’s just leave it at “it’s true what they don’t wear beneath their kilts”

  4. I’ve heard tale that there are still Dublin police speaking in hushed and awed voices at the audacity of you two ladies. I’ve also heard tale that Gaelic Storm were heartbroken to have to leave town after that night. And, finally, I’ve heard tale that Gaelic Storm will be writing a whole new album dedicated to you two delectable dishes. Don’t let truth get in the way of a good story…

  5. Isn’t my Other Mom awesome? Oh, also, I’m very jealous you all got to hang out with sexy Celtic singers. I’m hoping to get down to the pub here and hang out with some of the ones that play here. The French Boy absolutly loves it when I embarrass him by shouting at the band, really.

    Anyway, speaking as one of those crazy people you’ve met from the internet, several times I should point out, you know your life would be boring without us. Who would ask stupid questions about getting a pony?

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