Running out of time

How does it happen, every year? Summer starts when the kids get out of school and you have this huge vista before you, all the things you’re going to accomplish, both educational and just-for-fun, and the next day comes, and the next–and suddenly it’s August already and almost back to school! How does that happen?!

Not that we haven’t done anything. All three kids have dutifully gone off to camp daily since the second week in June (with its three-hour round trip driving), until the annual visit to Memaw’s house. We’ve had picnics, and put up the inflatable pool (okay, so it’s a little green at the moment from disuse, but it’ll get better next week after camp. And some algae stuff.). We’ve visited family and friends within a reasonable radius (Hey, Jen and Seb!), had a blast at motel pools on the way, hit the Erie zoo, we’ve seen movies and plays.

So now we hit the stretch and all those things we were going to do this summer to get everyone ready for school are sitting at the top of the downhill slide. Little Miss has a stack of papers her teacher sent home, as well as learning a typing program so she doesn’t have to face so much handwriting as she enters fourth grade. Ditto Boy is going to spend days with his dad learning how to do household things–hanging drywall, repairing broken items, changing the car’s oil–all designed to help with his self-esteem and self-confidence.

The Captain — well. Seventh grade. The Cabana Boy has a program of computer learning ready for him, and we’ve finally decided to put a computer in his room with Internet access (appropriately limited) so his thirst for trivia can be fed and maybe he’ll just learn something. Plus, he’ll have access to online communities of peers who may be easier to communicate with, less ready to judge. Over the last ten years, my closest friends have been those I’ve met online, not in real life; maybe that’s not such a bad way to go.

There are still movies we want to see, places to visit. Our museum membership in Pittsburgh gets us into half a dozen places free, and we want to take the kids downtown to gaze up in awe at the crystal palaces of the business world. Two major Irish festivals remain, featuring Gaelic Storm, who delights us all. We’re not quite ready for Cedar Point or King’s Island, but we might try Waldameer. Still haven’t made it to the beach. Or the park. Or the library. But we’re gonna! Sometime! Maybe about midnight on a Wednesday in a couple of weeks! Hurry up! Time’s a-wastin!


If you have any time left this summer, come visit the Parents Helping Parents Carnival, where there’s a lot of good advice and funny stories about the parenting life, and gain some perspective at the Carnival of Work-Life Balance.

10 thoughts on “Running out of time

  1. Hi –
    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months and am finally speaking up (hate the word lurking – too creepy!) to say that I enjoy your writing. We, too, are in PA. We’re central, seems you must be western. If you’re in this neck of the woods, Knoebels can’t be beat. Free admission (as in, if you’re not into rides – I’m not! – you aren’t paying outrageous admission fees just to accompany your children); lots of shade; bring your own food or buy thiers; overall a very nice time.

    You spoke my mind – summer is slipping away. It’s all too short here. Enjoy these last weeks….

  2. Gaelic Storm!?!? Just spent the weekend with them! Um… at a local Celtic Festival, mind you! ADORE them! The new CD is fabulous!

    and by the way – you’ve done quite a bit this summer! There’s a lot to be said for “down time”, too… i could use a bit of it myself!

  3. How does it happen indeed. I’ve tried to do some blogging but man so much to do and so little time, which as you say is a wasting. It is the getting ready for school part of the hols and my son is resisting those things. Thank god he loves the library.

    Oh well he still wakes at 10am.

  4. Pixie, nice to see you came out from the Dark Side! LOL. Thanks for visiting the blog, even in secret, and I’m so glad you felt brave enough to comment. 🙂 I checked out Knoebels– a little far for us, but good competition with Hershey, I bet! Hope you get an iced tea break under a big umbrella somewhere!

    Daisy, babe, we have an awful lot in common. We’re seeing Gaelic Storm at Dublin–gonna be there?

    Dee– 10 am! I hate you! *L* Mine are crack of dawners, man. Maybe when they hit high school!

  5. How did it get to be August already! I heard it only gets worse as you get older. That’s why I’ve decided to not get older. 🙂

  6. may be hitting Dublin – as always weekend schedules are random and variable (both kids at OSU, so it’s easy to get there, and get some things done). you going the 2nd or 3rd?

  7. Well, think of it this way, once school starts again, everyone will be back to the regular routine most of the time, right? That might make people happy.

    Where has the summer gone? I didn’t even get to use the pool at the apartment, which is free, that much. All I do is work, I swear. I’ve got a pile of books I want to read, a new swimsuit, and no time to enjoy them.

    And now for a totally random tangent, and because my mother will kill me if I call her at 230 am to ask stupid questions…..can I have a pony? No, seriously. There’s a farm near here with a herd of Percherons that needs to be thinned and the owner is giving them away for free. He can’t afford to take care of them anymore. I have a friend who can stable it for me. Please can I have a pony?

    *runs off dreaming of a giant French horse*

  8. Dear Jen,

    Since I’m your Other Mom and have no legal responsibility for promises made, the answer is–YES! You can have a pony! Just not at my house. 🙂

  9. This is my first summer since I’ve had a child in school. I hate how fast it’s gone. School starts in a week, and I’m very much not ready to give up summer.

    The online friends is a good idea! My best friends are online mostly, too. None of them live near me for sure.

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