Summer, we love thee

Greetings Ye Lords and Ladies, Ye gentles and Peasants, and Welcome to Ye Olde Ode to Summer!

Still recovering from the Medieval Faire, as you might note. That was a delight except for the 46 minute thunderstorm right in the middle. But we met some charming people very close up, as we huddled inside the faire sales tents and thronged around the glassblower’s 1000-degree ovens, which kept us warm. Our favorite performing band from last year, E Muzeki, had broken up, but the main members were there in a new configuration called Elysium, so that was a huge plus.

But on to the subject of our muse, i.e. Summer. We picked with great delight our own home-grown vegetables this week, peas, spring mix, black raspberries and squash, with the green bean and broccoli crop coming on close behind. I expanded the herb garden this year, so we have a wide assortment of smells and tastes that I will be picking to dry soon for the winter.

little beans

little beans

The Cabana Boy and I have been weeding and trimming for a few days now, and I can finally sit back and admire. The flower beds are a burst of luscious colors surrounded by the deep green of the trees. In summer, our yard is truly beautiful. This season is what lured me from the tropics, the leafy verdant glades and woods of my childhood.

flower bed

flower bed

The warmth is an additional delight this year because though my fibromyalgia ramped up to phase 2, my doctor has prescribed the new medicine Lyrica for the pain–and it’s been a miracle. Within 24 hours the pain I’d carried for months faded, and the tense muscles with it. I’m not depressed, my energy level is high, and I can move again! Lyrica doesn’t work for everyone, I know, but I’m grateful for its help.

Our bean teepee

Our bean teepee

And finally, six months into this blog adventure, I crossed the 10,000 hit mark last night. I have made so many nice connections through this small window into the world, and I wish warm days, fresh delights, bright flowers and good health to you all! Come back again soon!

red flowers

red flowers


10 thoughts on “Summer, we love thee

  1. The gardens are beautiful. Glad the medicine works, and congrats on 10,000 hits! I just crossed 1,000 after 3 weeks. That is NOT on track for 10,000 at 6 months! It’s because your blog is so interesting to read!

  2. Thank you for all the good wishes.
    I’m glad your new medicine is good for you.

    -And I like the nice pictures.

  3. Happy moments – captured and shared!

    To paraphrase Kurt Vonnegut, as human beings, we’re horrible at noticing when things are going well. His uncle often would reflect on such moments saying “if this isn’t nice, i don’t know what is.”…

    We never know about tomorrow, but noticing when today is good? Brilliant! Thanks for the post!

  4. How wonderfull that you have found some medicine that works, I am so glad to read this.

    Your flower bed is beautifull, I would like to have one like this. I am always too late to plant, summer comes so suddenly!

    I hope you will continue posting pictures, it´s very interesting to see your area, and it looks like you enjoy describing it, with these nice photos. Keep on!

  5. Ditto the last comment – I can’t believe you have only been at this for six months.

    Your garden looks great, although my latest post talks about fighting the urge to weed when the kids are temporarily out of the house (what joy!!)

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