Can I buy a clue, Alex?

I always find the posts fascinating where people analyze how folks wandering the InterWebs find their blog. Like my friend over at Odd One Out, , with her somewhat unfortunate but benificent discussion of slug genitals, it’s hard to believe what gets people to this page.

Most voyages are fairly explicable. Many people ended up here searching the name of Ann DeWalt, my sweet little old lady who kicked the obnoxious Iraq vet in the kiester. ‘Peas and carrots,’ too is popular, though I’m not sure people have my post on children and disaster in mind when they look for it. “The real meaning of success,” too, as well as a multitude of varieties of “tattoo.”

The one today, though, really took me aback: “i’m a tss how do i deal with aspergers?”

Oh man. Some family is in serious trouble.

Having worked through several different agencies since we first got a diagnosis, I surely know that different agencies provide different levels of training for their staff. Our first didn’t have much. This latest one is more of a specialist agency in autism. But if new TSS are getting their training by a google search on the ‘Net? Whoo boy.

On the other hand, I have to admit, us moms and adult Aspie types are sharing a lot of information about what works and what doesn’t. Maybe that’s what a TSS needs to hear. Each of these kids is so different that training that’s a one size fits all may not cut it. I hope so anyway. I hope he or she found somethng that will help them help their assigned child.

I hope it’s not my kid’s TSS. Because I don’t have much more clue than that myself.

3 thoughts on “Can I buy a clue, Alex?

  1. I can’t, for the life of me, think what TSS stands for. AGH.

    Oh, and I just had an expresso milkshake. Muahahahaha. I’m very very calm now. 🙂

    Hey btw, I’m getting like 130+ hits per day on that peni page now. *smacks head*

    Some days I just feel like deleting it, but mostly it amuses me.

  2. We each add our small pieces to the world. It’s odd to think how those small pieces can be useful to others at a later date, thousands of miles away. Before the Web we had to actually influence people directly, or through the things we taught or built. Now anyone with something to share can post it and a person in need of it can Google it years later.

    Absolutely amazing to me.

  3. While funny, it’s pretty scary that a TSS is looking for that information. But I guess at least s/he is looking! Yikes…

    I love these kinds of posts- it cracks me up how people land on my page too. Totally entertaining.

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