So far this week, it’s been a rollercoaster of ups and downs. The county people told the newspaper they “have no clue” why poisonous gas appears and disappears on the street in front of our house. That’s reassuring. (please insert sarcasm here)

On a high note, a fiction piece I’ve been trying to publish for four years finally came out–and I got paid!! Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. You’re welcome to take a peek– My Sad Cuisine . I’ve definitely been in this field too long.

While we have not yet resolved our camp issue, it is becoming painfully apparent that Captain Oblivious has reached a plateau in his functioning level that may be permanent. He’s nearly 13 and has a crying fit whenever something happens he doesn’t like. For example, yesterday at camp, surrounded by therapeutic people, when it was announced there wouldn’t be computer time because some repairs were needed, there followed a 15 minute rant that caused him to have to be be removed from class and counselled in the hall. A similar breakdown occurred last week when the eye doctor recommended bifocals for his terrible sight. He didn’t want bifocals, they were awful, he couldn’t get used to them! Scream, cry, rant.

We all, therapists included, have been working on the meltdown situation for six YEARS without improvement. I think I’m becoming resigned to the fact that he will always deal with things this way. It makes me sad (No really it pisses me off. I am convinced he could control it if he tried. Maybe not. Maybe we’ll never know.) Employers won’t deal with that. Places of higher learning won’t deal with that. How will he be able to function on his own?

Then one of my girls came to me for some important advice. That always makes me feel good.

And finally, the “Welcome, Summer!” edition of the Carnival of Family Life picked up one of my pieces, but there is a whole beach basket full of lovely reading there for folk from families. Stop in and take your shoes off!

3 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. Your story was awesome, creepy, but awesome. I’ve already been pimping your next book release, too, just so you know. I had a customer buying the Cup of Comfort for Single Mothers and I just had to mention that there was going to be a new one for Divorced Women coming out and my very cool friend was going to have a story in it.

    YOU ROCK!!!!!

    Much love from me and the French Boy to you all.

  2. Congratulations on the publication! Will read it when i’ve got time to focus!

    I think you’ll like it. It’s your kind of story. *wink*

    Curious – knowing nothing about autism, of course. Are hormones a factor? Once through adolescence do things change a bit? Having read up a bit on the effects of menopause on bipolar disorder (older sister diagnosed with one, approaching the other), there is a connection between brain chemistry there…

    True dat. But I’m not thinking it will matter with him. Who knows? Puberty is on its way. If he doesn’t have a meltdown when he gets hair and his voice changes and….and…and….

  3. Really well-written story. I certainly didn’t have it figured out at the beginning.

    Best wishes with CO. I can’t imagine the stress and well, stress.

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