Mea culpa, mea culpa!

Okay, I’m sure it is my fault I have children with special needs, and I deserve to be punished for it–more importantly, they apparently deserve to be punished for it.

We did get approved for our therapeutic summer program, with 30 hours of TSS/mobile therapy each for Captain Oblivious and Little Miss, so they could attend a summer camp sponsored by a Catholic school in a city 30 miles away. We’re driving them there and picking them up. While the therapy is covered by their medical card, we’re forking out $155 a week so they can go to camp. Because that’s how much camp costs–$100 per week for one child, or for two children, $155 per week, for camp from 8 am to 5 p.m.

Except apparently our money doesn’t go that far. I came to pick up the children today at 4:15, to discover everyone frantic because I was not there at the 3 p.m. cut off for TSS. The kids there for therapeutic social interaction are apparently not welcome after 3 p.m., because they have no personal babysitter. (This is where I will withhold comment about how wonderful it is for the Catholic school to act in such a good Christian manner.) But the school will still charge us full price for the two hours we’re not allowed to stay.

Now this was not the policy last year. Last summer the children could stay till the end of the day, two hours, without TSS. Perhaps there was an incident, or something not made public…but the school camp has changed policy (and apparently not bothered to mention it).

As one might imagine, this rubs me the wrong way. The camp director was busy having a fit today, so I didn’t engage her in serious discussion about it. I did ask the wrap agency guy on the scene if it would jeopardize their relationship with the school if I raised hell. He assured me with a smirky little smile, that he thought I should do whatever I saw fit, as a consumer. He knows I’m a lawyer. Perhaps I’ll do their dirty work for them–I know they’re not happy with what’s gone on so far–and the first week isn’t even done.

So I’ll give them a call tomorrow. Point out the error of their ways, as it were, and see what we can do to make it better. Or as my secretary always says, “Are you going to make them cry?”

Let’s hope so. Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “Mea culpa, mea culpa!

  1. At the very least, they should have informed you about changes in policy. So I agree, you need to go kick a**! (Oops!)

    Wishing you lots of kung fu moves today! 🙂 Seriously, hope this gets ironed out and that the kids gets their extra two hours of fun. Blessings!

  2. Grrr….take no prisoners. It’s terrible that they would do this! Sending helpful, problem solving skills (not that you need any from me – lol!) your way.

  3. It’s a good think that (it seems) you like to raise hell. (At least sometimes.) You sure have to do enough of it.

    You have to be saying this sometimes…. “Can’t just ONE thing in my life, and epsecially the lives of these children, go as planned or without major incident?” Honestly, you have to have some serious stamina to deal with all these people and situations.

  4. Be nice to camp directors. They are most times over worked and under paid. 😉

    very true. but they need to be fair.

    And you will attract more bee’s with honey… even if your children will then try to put the beehive in their sisters bed because they think it is funny because they saw it on TV.

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