Three More Hours a Day? Maybe? Please?

I’ve been a fan of science fiction as far back as I can remember.

My favorite tv show as a child was Lost in Space. (Now I just gave away my age…) Then the Trek franchise began. I read Heinlein and Norton, Tolkien and Herbert, L’Engle and Spider Robinson and dozens of others I don’t remember any more. In college we were visited by the Star Wars phenomenon and I found Anne McCaffrey’s dragon series, which I’ve continued to read to this day, even now that her son’s taken over the crafting of those exquisite novels.

So it should come as no surprise that I enjoy writing SF as well. I’ve written one space opera entitled Horizon Shift, about a captain who nearly loses his ship and has to rebuild to survive, collecting a crew of odd characters. I have a couple of vampire novels, an inter-dimensional fantasy, a Next Generation novel that actually got some compliments from an editor but didn’t feature one of the regular cast as the star, so they turned it down.

But the one that’s on my mind today, Triad, features three strong women, each a commander of a faction, who find they need to work together to survive, despite their enmities and varied agendas. Those women are fascinating, one a broken princess, one a conniving bitch, and the other a devoted career woman who’s lost her child because of it. I wish I could stop everything else for a week or so and take the time to revisit it, update it, polish it again and send it off.

That’s the problem any more…so often writers complain about writer’s block–I’ve got writer’s diarrhea or something, so much to say and do with my writing, but no time to do it. The urban fantasy that’s the current WIP is progressing well for a first draft, not up to my NaNoWrimo standards , but moving steadily ahead–I think it’s nearly 30K words now. I’ve got one project in intense editing, about a third of the way through–it needs 10,000 more words cut and condensed. I’m trying to keep up here and also at Firefox News, where I intend to have several articles a week published, if I can find the time.

Tonight’s article at Firefox is an interview with author Keith R.A. DeCandido, who was gracious enough after I met him at the writer’s conference to grant the time for my questions. This man is a machine–three to four books a year in addition to his editing work and anthologies. AND he plays percussion in a band, and finds time for a fiancee and two cats, as well as martial arts training. Hard to believe. He has me in awe.

Well, I’ve heard I got the runner-up slot as the Writer in Residence at Devil’s Tower, Wyoming in September–so if the first place winner loses her crown for any reason, I’ll get a free cabin for a week of solitude solely to write. Maybe then…

Meantime, I’ll keep exploring the wild and wonderful corners of imagination in space and on earth. If you come along….be sure to fasten your seat belt. Maybe bring a map too. Just in case.


5 thoughts on “Three More Hours a Day? Maybe? Please?

  1. I’m dying to read “Triad.”

    Your writing ambitions and accomplishments amaze me. If I were rich, I’d pay you to have a week of solitude to write!

  2. Well, if you ever get to talk to Mr. DeCandido again, you can tell him that the French Boy made sure that his autographed book was safely enshrined. One more book and I think the shelves are going to collapse.

    It was wonderful to see you guys last week, just wish things would have gone more to plan. The French Boy was very happy to have Cabana Boy to nerd out with. 🙂

    Keep writting, Other Mom. And when you’re all famous, I claim the job as the person who sets up all your public appearences and stuff. Might be the only way to get to read all your new stuff. 🙂

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