Mad About Memes

Am I mad? Or mad to go along with the madness? I’m not sure.

At any rate, I’ve been tagged by lastcrazyhorn, so I’ll play along and perhaps use this post as a metaphor for all the things my children have to do to fit in with the NT school population, even if they don’t see the point. 🙂

Five Things Found in My Bag:
I’ll tell you. Monty Hall would die of disappointment here:
1) Checkbook
2) Keys
3) Stack of coupons I always forget to use at the store
4) Business card holder to carry all medical, bank and activity cards
5) Pad of paper and pen for those crazy ideas I get sometimes and want not to forget

Five Favorite Things in Your Room
I have lots of rooms; let me see:
1) Navy blue quilt made by some Amish women as a thank-you for work done
2) Pitcher of fresh cut lilacs
3) Best be including the computers; heaven knows I spend enough time on them
4) As of next week, our new tempurpedic mattress (yay!)
5) Many, many plants

Five Things You Have Always Wanted to Do
1) Travel all over the world
2) Become a novelist–fame not necessarily included
3) Have bright, interesting children
4) Be able to let someone else handle all the crap–bills, calendars, everything.
5) Have enough time to work at a marriage, not just keep sticking duct tape over rifts

Five Things You are Currently Into
1) Writing a new novel, an urban fantasy
2) Writing interesting tech stories for Firefox News
3) Getting ready for a writers’ conference next week (hmm, I’m detecting a theme)
4) Trying to get my last novel published
5) Oh yeah and once in awhile going to work and taking care of the family

Five people I’d like to tag:
Wantabetravelin, A Different Nest, Sparks and Butterflies, Ecky at Pure Thought, and Zaki at The Fruit Projects, who starred in my music story last week.

So there we go. Now I fit in. Even if I’m not sure just exactly why.


4 thoughts on “Mad About Memes

  1. And you left out the Last last question.

    That’s because I went back to the one who tagged YOU, because I got lost by the end of yours. 🙂 Those were her five directions to you.

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