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While some may use a blog as a place to just spew all that awful emotional crap that you don’t feel your loved ones deserve to enjoy, most of us hope that our blog will be read by others, and the more “others” the better. This is one of the reasons to engage in the blog carnival. As you might remember, I hosted the Blog Carnival called Dessert May Come First–Or Not: The Many Flavors of the Autism Spectrum at the beginning of April. I had a lot of great responses, and I’ve decided to make it a monthly event.

Submissions are always open, as the carnival is ongoing. If you have a post in your blog that you feel might help others along their road, or give them a light moment, or connect with someone– or just open your blog to other folk who may not have had a chance to read it before– then enter your blog post here. If you’ve read a post elsewhere you really liked by a great writer on the subject of the autism spectrum, feel free to bring the carnival to their attention. Posts don’t have to be about children or for parents, or about adult Aspies, or classic autism, or coping, or NOT coping– but any of those are fine. Deadline for submission is May 7, for publication May 9.

This week, I’m welcoming readers from a number of carnivals, including today, the Rhythm of Write with more than 20 entries on the subject of writing. I’m also featured in two of the courses of the “Soup to Nuts” Blog Carnival which is a progressive dinner of goodness spread over five different blogs with enough topics to keep you well informed on every level: come by Health Plans Plus and Kilroy’s The Gonzo Papers and the other three to get all your good nutrients!

4 thoughts on “Getting around

  1. Can you help me learn this stuff – what is the point of a blog carnival? Aren’t these things already posted somewhere else – instead they post on your site? How does it work?
    Sorry if this sounds like an idiot wrote the questions – but… she did 🙂

    You’re not an idiot at all! It has to do with learning new things, which is always a good proposition!

    Yes, these posts are somewhere else. So for example, if you would give me the address to one of your posts and it was in the carnival, then someone who came to my site could find a link to your work. And then they could look at other things you’ve written, and it would enrich their lives. 🙂 BUT. Then if Darci posted in the carnival and your friend came to see the blog carnival that you were listed in, then your friend could look at Darci’s post and your post AND my posts and anyone else who posted too. So it builds a network of people who may discover the participants’ work through a common platform. Does that help?

  2. I was hoping that by “getting around” you were going to be blogging about something else. HAHAHAHA.


  3. April bloggers bring May offers

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    I’m posting this spammy-message because you are one of the original bloggers from April. To read more about how this works, or to opt out, please read this post here.



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