Bad parents! No soup for you!

So the long-suffering Cabana Boy and myself conceived it would be a great idea to steal a date night for the two of us. What were we thinking?

We left the children with my daughter, who has five kids of her own, knowing they were in good hands, and headed to Erie–I know, not the fancy metropolis of fabulous entertainment, but we have pretty low standards. An hour, undisturbed by little voices at Barnes and Noble? Heaven. A meal at the Olive Garden, without constant nagging about table manners, courtesy of a friend who gave me a couple of gift cards? Nirvana. Telephone call from daughter indicating Captain Oblivious had broken his ankle?


Not exactly.

So we checked out at Target without buying the 32-inch LCD tv we were drooling over (probably a good thing, actually) and headed home. My daughter had said they thought it was sprained, till it swelled up and turned purple (ouch), so they called our mutual pediatrician. He said it was a three to five hour wait at the emergency room this evening, and they wouldn’t cast the thing till tomorrow anyway till it quit swelling, so not to bother going. So they kept up the ice on 20 minutes, off 20 minutes routine till he fell asleep shortly after we got home.

It doesn’t look nearly as bad as I’d pictured it–you know, it had been described as somewhat indigo-colored and size of a football. Not really. It’s a little puffy and maybe a bruise toward the heel. He won’t walk on it; but then C.O. is the kind of Aspie kid that when he makes up his mind about something, that’s what he does, no matter what the facts. We’ll probably take the run to the ER tomorrow, just to be sure, and keep our fingers crossed.

I can’t help but feel guilty, though. We haven’t had a night out like this in a couple months. Because all the extended family lives away, we don’t get weekends off or have family in town who routinely take the children. My daughter has her five, who range in age from 15 years to 8 months–I hardly ever ask her, she’s got her hands full! But it had just reached the point where it felt like there was a canyon between my husband and I, and we had to do something. So we rolled the dice, and got snake eyes. I’m sorry we weren’t here, son. I suppose we’ll think long and hard before leaving them again.

As Lionel Kauffman said: “Children are a great comfort in your old age – and they help you reach it faster, too.”

After a three hour trip to the ER, turns out it’s “probably” a bad sprain but no one is sure, and if there IS a fracture, as the paperwork says, it’s on the growth plate. So we have to go see the orthopedist tomorrow. Sometime. And C.O. gets at least two days off school during my busy week. Bad BAD parents…. *sigh*


10 thoughts on “Bad parents! No soup for you!

  1. Frankly I won’t think that long or hard about it. Next time we go somewhere and he falls there’d better be a roof involved or we’re going to a movie.

  2. Oh no – don’t feel guilty! Sayer broke his arm last month while under the watch of a caregiver and I struggled with guilt, too. To be honest, I think I would have felt guiltier if I was working out or at a movie, but I was at a Kaiser women’s health evening when it happened. It’s hard to argue I “shouldn’t” have been out having a mammogram and pap smear!

    Sayer actually spent the night in bed before we went to the doctor, too. My recommendation is to hope that C.O. gets a permanent cast as soon as he can – Sayer had a temporary cast put on until the swelling stopped but he started to pick at it. I pushed Kaiser to get us an appt. sooner for a permanent cast, and that helped. Also, we got a cast first that was ok for the shower, and a few weeks later one that was ok to swim – Sayer has been swimming a lot and it’s been no problem.

    Well, I’ll stop now. But, really, try not to feel guilty. It’s all hard enough as it is!

  3. Ouch! Girlchild damaged herself (nursemaid’s elbow, though we thought it was a sprain) when she was at the sitter’s once. But seriously? They’re going to damage themselves whether or not you’re standing right there with them. The best you can do is keep the list of ped numbers up to date and restock the first aid kit. Dates with the spouse are important. (I’m biased, and think they’re even more important when you’ve got a child who requires extra care.) Don’t beat yourself up over it, just try again soon.

  4. No need for guilt hun, we both know CO and “If They Build It He Will Fall” I’m surprised DB didn’t follow him down *L*. CO is more bouncy then he likes to admit. I bet he’ll be walking around fine in the morning till he remembers that he is suppose to be broken. You could have been standing right next to him and he would have still been tackled by backyard stuff. Hope you and E had a great time till the damn celphone rang.

  5. Oooh, ouch. Don’t worry, though. Kids heal fast and scars are cool. If I had a dollar for everytime I hurt myself when I was a kid, well, I probably could retire by now.

    Nothing wrong with having a little grown up time. Kids will hurt themselves no matter what. It’s part of growing up.

  6. You have to be happy parents to be good ones, so don’t worry about the fall happening when you weren’t there: it could have happened if you were.

    New to your blog and delighted to read the back ‘issues.’ Writers need other writers to keep them going, and you are doing a great job of being a role model for those out there still wondering of facing that blank page is worth it~

  7. Hi thanks for visiting earlier. After reading this I am real glad I made you laugh.

    No matter what we say I know you will continue to feel bad that is just how we parents are. I am going to say it anyway, don’t feel guilty!

    I always get a little upset when I hear how the health system works though. Will follow up to see how he makes out.

  8. You have to get out once in a while and kids manage to to sick or hurt themselves even when you are watching them intently (my five year old went head first over her handle bars two weeks ago and totaled her bike helmet – thank god for it – scraped her elbow and chin but otherwise okay).

    Oh no! I’m glad she’s fine!

  9. Never feel guilty! If you did it every day, that would be different. But there is nothing wrong with leaving the kids behind once in a while and getting to know your spouse! NOTHING! In fact, there’s something wrong with NOT doing that.

    Things happen. Sometimes you’re not there. It’s the way it is. You’re there for your kids all the time. You need regeneration every now and then so you can be better parents.

    Guilt is bad. Not you!

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