Am I a writer yet??

While I participate in the writer’s soap opera As The Nervous Stomach Turns, waiting to hear back from agents and editors about my novel manuscripts, I alternate between dark bouts of never wanting to pick up a word processor again and the juicy buzz of hot flowing prose.

My husband is so pleased, because unfortunately he catches the downsides of both ends. But he’s young. He’ll survive.

In the meantime, there are the occasional publishing and financial successes that encourage me. In December, I’ll have one of 50 stories in the book A Cup of Comfort for Divorced Women. I’ve recently had a book review published for Wolf Pirate Publishing. Next week, I’ll see in print an article on a topic I first addressed here, dealing with the threats of the Patriot Act as a writer doing research, in a newsletter called Absolute Write. (And I got PAID!!)

And this week, I’ve been hired/selected as the tech writer for Firefox News, not to be confused with the Mozilla browser folks. This Firefox has a cast of authors who cover entertainment news from a fan point of view, but look at the scene with a very broad eye to keep its readers informed. The tech writer–me!!– as I understand it, will cover the gamut from Internet to gadgets to…whatever sounds like something people ought to know about technology.

Shameless self-promotion warning!
Here’s my first article: ReactOS: Bringing Power to the People . I also linked them in my blogroll, because the menu of articles available is varied and interesting. (One of the Mary Sue articles I read there today brought me to tears, laughing.)

Fortunately, the Cabana Boy is a geek, teaching up and coming geeks, and they all have a subject they’re willing to go on about ad infinitum. With any luck, I should be able to produce material long into the future– perhaps as long as the above-mentioned soap opera continues. Now, please excuse me while I sit back to chew my nails till the publishing world calls with my good news.


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6 thoughts on “Am I a writer yet??

  1. Just picked this article up via google alerts.
    I found it interestingly ironic that I’m a ReactOS developer and I’m in the middle of training for the Great Manchester Run in which I’m running for the National Autistic Society.

    Just thought I’d mention it 🙂

  2. Yes, you are a writer! A GREAT WRITER, and real soon some smart publisher is going to back me up on that fact and you will have to sign a second book for me.

    Thank you Smart Publisher, in advance.

    Nuff said. 😉

  3. You just commented on my blog; now I’m here, checking you out (gotta love it). Let me just say that alternating “between dark bouts of never wanting to pick up a word processor again and the juicy buzz of hot flowing prose” feels like where my head is at these days!

  4. Sorry to do this, but must test something by leaving another comment on your blog. Wonder why my handle on the previous comment isn’t hot?

    I don’t know…but you’re welcome to visit as many times as you like! 🙂

  5. You appear to be pretty real to me. I am only just started so I guess doubting is in order in my case but you are published. Multiply. That is the definition I am told.

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