Do you…Tattoo?

Almost two years ago, I got a tattoo. My best friend talked me into it, saying this:

I was thinking something small and delicate like Baby’s breath wisping through it would be pretty.
I will hold your hand the whole time!
AND….. if you want to hit me for any reason “after” you can.

It was another wild family story, actually, because we went en masse, me, my best friend, my daughter D, my daughter K, K’s partner, her partner’s sister, and her partner’s sister’s friend, all at once, to be indelibly marked. That was the fun part. Afterward, I did hit her. Because it hurt like HELL.

The tattoo is very delicate and pretty. One thing I wanted to make sure of was that I could enjoy it at least as well as everyone else, so that shoulder blade thing was right out. Also the ankles, top of the feet and so on. I mean, I’m one of the biggest babies in the world about needles, shots, etc., and by heaven, if I was going to suck it up and do this, then I would admire it every day. So I had them put it on the back of my left wrist, right where a watch face would be, so I can do just that.

The first year, I faithfully wore a watch from the time I walked into court till I walked out, to cover it up. My thinking at the time was that it wasn’t professional to have a tattoo. I even covered it for office visits from clients most of the time, a little twitchy about what message it conveyed.

But then as the age of 50 passed me by, I started to think about what it means to be “me.” This tattoo is a part of “me” now, always will be without expensive laser surgery. I decided they could all take me as I am, judges and clients alike, and I quit covering it up. Whether my hair is red, brown or gray, whether I’m fat or thin, whether I’ve got a tattoo or not, whether I wear a suit and tie, a bright summer dress, or slacks and a sweater, I’ve decided to be comfortable with me.

My doctor is a fabulous woman who comes into her office in jeans and a polo shirt. She’s conservative in her diagnoses and doesn’t dress to impress. I love her style. I hope I’m coming close to it. Hopefully what I say and do is what really counts to people, not what I’m wearing, or what my body reads.


I have been given an Excellent Blog Award from Jane at By Jane, and I’ve accepted with all due humility. The award was started by Shannon at Project Mommy, and the deal is, upon acceptance, I have to then select 10 worthy bloggers with whom to share the award. Most times when I find a blog I really like, I just add them to my blogroll, which ought to be honor enough, wouldn’t you think? No, really! But I have a few I’d like to nominate right now, with more to come as life progresses–because one thing I’ve learned over the last several years is that everything changes, day to day.

Odd One Out (although she’s having a bad day today, thanks to our lovely hosts at WordPress. I agree 100 percent btw)

Trailer Park Refugee Because she always makes me laugh with her wit and insight.

What We Need Because she tells her devotion for her son every day.

Brigitte’s My 2008 Blog Because she gives me a daily bit of art I would not take time for otherwise.

A Different Nest Because she deals with her kid’s issues like I do, from an older mom perspective, and lives to tell the tale.

and Wantabetravelin’s Weblog This one I like because the author isn’t a writer by trade, and is in fact very shy about such things, so it’s a display of courage.

So y’all can post the award or just hold it close to your heart forever. 🙂 Please link back to Shannon and choose ten deserving blogs of your own! I still have four more to hand out, and I’ll be watching for that random act of kindness.

Don’t forget the deadline for my blog carnival, Dessert May Come First–Or Not, is April 7! I’d love to get entries from some of your past pieces, you don’t have to write anything new. Have anything you think will be meaningful to other folks dealing with autism? Enter it here. Hope to see you there!


14 thoughts on “Do you…Tattoo?

  1. I got a small tatoo on the coverable-when-it’s-proper area of my cleavage when I was 20ish – about 15 years ago – And I’ve always felt that it’s one of the most important parts of me… I’m kinda crazy and dramatic, but my thinking was that, no matter what happens, if I lose everything, I would still have this pretty little flowery-heart tatoo of mine. It would literally need to be carved off of me in order for me to lose it. Hmmm that’s sort of an ickily graphic description…, apologies 🙂

  2. You were very brave that day!!!

    But I’ll never forget when they started K’s Tattoo and she yelled “You lied!” (about it hurting) Just the look on her face was classic.

    It really was a great day. Everytime I see my tattoo from that day it makes me smile.

    Now if I could only talk you onto a plane.

  3. I’ve wanted a tatoo for a long time. It’s been a while to figure out what I want. I think I finally have decided to get the teal awareness ribbon that signifies fragile x. Then I want my two fx’er initials on each side of the ribbon where it comes together. But I work at a bank and I can’t have it exposed at work. I don’t want it on my back because then I can’t see it. I don’t want to go through all that work and money to not see it. So I’m having a tough time with a location! Darn bank and their uppity rules.

  4. Me too! Me too! I have a small bicycle on my foot that I got after riding RAGBRAI (HUGE bike ride across Iowa) a zillion years ago, and then a tiny little Maya God on my hip. I LOVE them both, even though their edges have faded a bit. I had to go make arrangements with the tattoo guy first, THEN go drink a beer, because I was so nervous. Not a big needle fan.

    And aw, shucks, thanks for the Excellent Blog share. I am very honored to be honored by the likes of YOU.

    🙂 d

  5. Thank you very much for the award! I will do my best to give you a daily color/photo/art contribution.

    I am not a experienced award reciver like you, so I would like some more details about what to do next.

  6. I’ve wanted a tattoo for ages now. I talked about it on my blog and the commenters were uniformly against it. Guess you weren’t one of them! I’m taking heart from your post and will once again be looking for that whatever-it-is that I want to carry with me forever.

  7. i met a woman with breast cancer – diagnosed 2 weeks after i was. she’s in her mid-60’s. to celebrate her successful surgery, she had a small tattoo put on her left breast. a small pink ribbon and the words “I Won”. the radiation techs LOVED it!

    tattoos are very personal. i don’t have any. but i won’t rule it out!

    like you, i’ve gotten more comfortable with my style with age/accomplishment. in the office, my work stands on its own these days – even if i want to wear a leather skirt and 3″ heels in to the office!

    …and thank you fo the “Excellent Blog” award – humbled and honored to be in such amazing company. it’ll take me a few days to get organized about it and figure out what to do! much, much appreciated!

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