For World Autism Awareness Day

They say if you’ve seen one person with autism…you’ve seen one person with autism.


Now you’ve seen two–AND Ditto Boy. Talk about neurodiversity…


5 thoughts on “For World Autism Awareness Day

  1. They are tooooooooooo cute. Love the picture. They all have such a smart look in their eyes…like they know something the rest of us don’t. They probably do.

    Happy belated too. 🙂


  2. You didn’t have them say cheese I see… *L*

    That is totally not Lil’ Miss’s cheese smile. Ditto and The Capt. are exactly like they are in 3/4 of the picts I took of them, and she has the face of an angel.

  3. I guess I’ve now seen two (plus my own, so three) autistic children— and they’re beautiful. Great photo! I’m sure you’re never bored. 😀

  4. Man….that’s a shock. Last time I saw any of them, they were so little. Why do these kids keep getting older? It’s not fair! If they’re getting older, it means I am too, even though I decided to stop at 25. The French Boy stopped at 29 and will be celebrating his 4th 29th birthday on Sunday. We can try, right?

    Anyway, say hello to all the beautiful children for me. Oh, and I found the picture of your Cabana Boy and my French Boy playing Legos. They look adorable. Aren’t husbands silly?

  5. What a nice upgrade; now both text and pictures at the Walkabout blog! It nice to see the kids, that you are telling so affectionated about. I almost feel that I know them, and I can see now, that they are exactly as charming as you have described them.

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