The autisms are coming, the autisms are coming!

Okay, that’s a little graphic.

But as you may have noticed in my sidebar, I’ve signed up, along with a bunch of other folk, to blog about autism awareness in April. Which is autism awareness month. In case we MISSED it. Autism, that is. Hey honey where is that autism? I know we just had it here the other day…

One of the actions I’m taking to raise consciousness, as it were, is to host a blog carnival. For the uninitiated, this is like a mini-magazine where an assortment of blog posts from different authors are congregated in one place for easy access. The title of this carnival is Dessert May Come First–Or Not, described as “The Many Flavors of the Autism Spectrum.” Here is the description at Blog Carnival. (While you’re there, check out the many other topics available! I’ve had a number of my posts on mothering and autism published, so they’re open to many things.)

Why should anyone participate in a blog carnival? My friend over at CEOmum probably has the best explanation I’ve seen. (Course they teach us lawyers to talk real pretty.) I can verify that I’ve met a lot of interesting folk out here on my walk about the Net through carnivals and also received an increase of visits to my site.

The deadline for submissions is April 7, with the finished product appearing, hopefully on April 9. So look through your past posts or write a new one! If you find something you think would be particularly enlightening to others, enter it here. What am I looking for? Hmm. The recounting of an event that was particularly meaningful in terms of showing development. A funny incident that shows off your child/ issue. Some particular therapist that really truly helped, and why. Some piece of advice for parents/autistics who are on the path. Mostly the kind of words you think will make someone else read them and have that magic lightbulb go on over their head. I know you can do it, faithful readers, because I’ve seen them. If this goes well, I may make this an ongoing carnival with themed issues, i.e., therapies, educational issues, and so on. I used to publish a women’s magazine out of my office in the 1990s. It was always fun to read the submissions as they came in–people are more talented than they give themselves credit for! Looking forward to seeing what comes in.

For an example of a blog carnival, here‘s one I’m featured in this week, with an article I wrote some time ago.

Meanwhile, our Spring is missing! It’s 32 degrees and it SNOWED yesterday. Would someone please put out an APB and if you locate it, drop me an email. Thanks so much.


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