Hooray for Hollywood

My husband and I watch movies together. When I pick them.

We’ve adored The Color Purple, Thelma and Louise, Boys on the Side. We love sci-fi, all the different permutations of “people trapped in a metal tube in space/underwater/in time/somewhere and menaced by a monster/vampire/creature/mother-in-law.” We go back and forth on comedies (intelligent) and dramas (psychological). Musicals line one whole shelf on the entertainment center, from Phantom to Rent.

When we saw the trailer for Bruce Willis’ latest Die Hard movie last summer, it was a no-brainer. ANY movie where a car can take out a helicopter mid-air is just something we had to see immediately. (It was cool. Really.)

For some reason, I have this innate talent that extends to his taste in films. For the most part, he enjoys movies I choose. (Okay, that weird French movie about the schoolgirls with the ribbons and the gimpy teachers was wrong. I admit it! Wrong!) But 9 out of 10 movies I pick, he likes as well as I do.

It doesn’t work the other way.

If he heads out to MegaMovie store, he’ll come home with two or three movies and I’ll look at them and think, “What?”

I can’t even pinpoint why not. There are some movies I just don’t watch, like gory horror flicks, that he can watch with my daughter or our friend Chase. But even the regular films are often just not on my wave length. He knows it. Any more, he insists I choose the movies, because he knows I’ll just wander off to do something else. (Never an end of something else to do around here, of course.)

And that’s the weird part. He won’t watch then. Just like I don’t watch movies on the evenings he teaches. For us, a movie is a time to travel together to another place so we can experience something special. That two hours in the dark focused on the screen is a bonding experience that draws us closer, something we still need to make sure we do regularly after eight years.

Then we return to our regular world, hoping the Force is still with us, knowing there’s no place like home, there’s no crying in baseball, and the ultimate movie truth: if they build it, you’ll trip over it in the middle of the night and break your leg.


6 thoughts on “Hooray for Hollywood

  1. Date Night, Schmate Night. My husband and I prefer to stay home and watch movies (apparently your taste–we LOVE sci fi!) than go out. It IS bonding. We try to do it once a week, and have for nearly 10 years. When we can’t, we get cranky. Very cranky. And a whole row of musicals? We only have maybe 8 or 9. But still….. way better–most of the time–than going out and spending a fortune. You can’t go out in your pajamas!

  2. My husband and I like to rent movies also. He likes the action, crime stuff; I prefer drama, some comedy, historical based, and some mysteries. But usually we enjoy the “slipping away” time spent together in our living room even if it’s not our first choice.

    I do have a problem selecting the movies though. I keep bringing home films we’ve already seen. Every now and then, I say, “O.K., no more. You have to go get the films.”

    We also joined NetFlex; that way he can choose some, I can, and he can tell me if we’ve seen it!

  3. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. This is not my first time here. Your writing is wonderful, the theme so serene and the topics diverse and therefore more interesting. I will come by again.

  4. Thanks, Dee! Diversity is more interesting for sure– even in neuro status!

    Carolyn, the online movie sites are certainly a good compromise. We’re trying that too (but that’s where that weird French film came from!)

    Woohoo! Brenda, my sister in sci-fi! Now if we can just get Firefly back in production!

  5. Something wrong with the weird French movies? That reminds me…need to get some more of those from the library. Not only are they weird French movies, but they are FREE weird French movies!

    Any more, date night for me and the French Boy is both of us logging into WoW and killing stuff. And we play different factions, so it’s also fun to both go to some common area and make faces at each other and blow kisses and things, since that’s the only inter-faction communication possible in the game. Oh, and we fight each other and I kick his ass. Nothing like showing up your man at video games. 🙂

  6. Forgot to add something…if you want to see a good French movie, a really really good one, you must must must get All the Mornings of the World, if you haven’t seen it yet. Beautiful, fantastic, and very surprising. Also, the whole time we were watching it, all I could say was, “Holy crap! Gerard Depardieu’s son looks EXACTLY like him! Does the French government have a secret cloning facility?” That got me a “look” and some sarcastic French mumblings. Still, fantastic movie.

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