Summer daze is coming

Though the winter deluge has not yet ceased (to my dismay) it is nearly the dreaded time to plan the summer vacation.

It’s not the vacation that’s dreaded, of course; it’s the planning. The adventure of when, where, why and how much always falls in my lap because my husband shares his son’s ADD and I’m a multi-tasker.

So. Let’s plan a vacation interesting enough for the adults, not overwhelming to Little Miss as she recovers from her sensory disorders, not full of trivia that Captain Oblivious will drown us with over the next six months, and still punchy enough that Ditto Boy (whose ADD drives him to copy faithfully all his brother’s skills) will be able to follow along. Huh.

We are blessed to some extent that the group are fabulous car travelers. The autism actually helped for a long time, because they could be sitting right next to each other and never notice. A gift! Of course, as they’ve gotten better, they’ve started the “Moooom, he’s touching me!” “Moooooom, he took my book.” You know how it goes. They tell me this is progress. I hope it is.

So. Hmm. Traveling. Then, I find this. Now we’re talking.

I’ve always liked the occasional garage sale, in recent years much more selective about attending them because I’ve got plenty of junk in my OWN house, thank you. But my husband is addicted. If we’re driving down the highway and there’s a garage sale or swapmeet on the side of the road he stares longingly, and if I’m driving and we pass it, I swear he makes that whiny noise a sad dog makes. If he’s driving…well, let’s just say the junk value of our house doubles. UNLESS he drives by slowly, and then gives me that look like, “See there, I drove by! I’m not a garage-aholic. I can stop ANY time!” just before he stops at the next one.

But this?? 630 MILES of garage sale in a row? With motel recommendations so you can stay LONGER? When I showed him, he drooled on his keyboard and shorted out the thing.

So I’ve got a friend in Louisville (pronounced Lou-a-ville, my friends) and I’m overdue for a visit with her. We could leave here and be there in seven hours or so, then pick up the trail and head south. Only 490 miles of yard sale. Darn. I hope we don’t miss something important. Then head on south to the end, take a left and drop off the kids at their grandmother’s in South Carolina for their summer visit. Hmm. This might work.

Little Miss is getting into the science of getting. She could find all sorts of wonderful (cheap) things. Ditto Boy and his dad can stop at multiple places for short amounts of time, perfect for their attention spans. Captain Oblivious will likely stock up on books and bury himself in a corner of the back seat with them. Perfect.

I’ll get my husband to install a tray in the front seat for my laptop so I can pen the Great American Murder Mystery while we’re on the road, something about someone driving along 630 miles of yard sale and leaving murder weapons among the junk to vanish into some hot little hands. Yeah, that’s it… (Wait! That’s not a bad idea! Where’s my laptop!)

Meantime, I am invited this week to be part of the Just Write Blog Carnival , so writers stop by, and see what else you can find. Then I will leave you with this, which was really cute and demonstrates that some people have much more time than I do.

11 thoughts on “Summer daze is coming

  1. I agree – there’s much fun to be had going to yard sales. I think of them as treasure hunts. I thought of you today when I was visiting a blog that I often read. It’s maintained by a very talented children’s book illustrator. She’s running a contest of sorts, for people to write a children’s story to go along with her illustrations, which she’ll then submit to a publisher. I knew that you were a writer, and very involved in the world of children, though I’m not sure if you’ve an interest in writing children’s stories. Anyway, here’s the link if you’d like to check it out:

  2. Sounds like fun.

    Thanks to my dad, I will always have a persistent fear of car trips. He’s one of those types with an NT mindset that we are only going to stop every 2 hours for bathroom breaks no matter what. Which of course led me to obsess about it. That was my major obsession as a child. Toilets and where to find them.

    But going with your family, now, that sounds really fun. Wanna swing by Texas on your way to South Carolina???

    *blinks innocently at you*

  3. Steph–thanks! I’ll try that.

    LCH– My father was too. The first time he drove me on a trip while I was pregnant–ha! What a surprise for him!! We stopped a LOT.

    I was born in Texas, actually, tho I haven’t been there since 1979, when my then-husband was temporarily stationed at Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls. I’ll have to add it to our next trip! 🙂

  4. Girl, you make me LAUGH! That was fun to read. I remember those car trips with my brother – dissolving from “Mom, he’s touching me,” to “Mom, he’s LOOKING at me!”

    Ah, my bro lived to torment me!

    Anyway, you won’t believe the garage sale. We’ve done part of it. It’s insane. Not being a southerner, it was something very foreign and slightly bizarre to me – I know garage sales aren’t southern in nature, but there’s something very southern about that one. I didn’t quite know what to think!


  5. You know, Other Mom, if you’re going to Louisville, Lafayette isn’t that far away. And trust me, it will be easier for you to visit us now than when we move to Las Vegas this summer.

    Actually, I wanna go to the garage sales. Probably could fit a lot of stuff in the back of my truck. Hmmmm…..can I follow behind?

  6. I can honestly say, my family never took an extended road trip. I think the farthest we ever drove as a family was from Northwest Arkansas (home) to Dallas and that was only for a weekend. From stories I’ve heard, I’m not missing much. 😉

    Thanks for linking to the carnival!

  7. while in louisville? Paradise Cafe is a must visit – combination art museum/restaurant, it’s worth the trip alone. i’ve heard about the ‘longest yard’ sale – great place to find quilt tops and other homemade items, as well as cast off treasures!

    sounds like you better bring a trailer… either for the treasures purchased along the way, or to sequester bickering children!

  8. I love your Blog site. What a great idea as an outlet for your many sided writing talent. I will be back often.

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