Can you say ‘I told you so’?

I knew you could.

I suppose I should post a “RANT WARNING”, but you folk who have followed along with me so far seem able to take these things in stride.

Two major developments today. First is the mid-afternoon call from the school principal, just dying to tell me that at lunch today, Captain Oblivious left his seat and wandered the cafeteria, begging for food. When some kid told him to sit down, C.O. announced that this boy was not the boss of him! And then hauled off and punched the kid.

I’m sorry, did I not JUST say that a couple weeks ago? Oy. We didn’t even make it to junior high!

It sounds like the school handled it well enough, I suppose; the principal and the autistic support advisor sat with C.O. in the afternoon and tried to find out what had happened. I don’t know what he actually told them. He lied when he was telling me, and was then surprised after he admitted he lied that I wouldn’t believe him any more. But the principal said he interviewed a number of other children and got the same story from the closest three. Fortunately for us, I suppose, no adults saw it, so he wasn’t 100% sure what had happened. We avoided a suspension.

If C.O.’s going to hit people over crackers, where does that leave us on real issues?

We’ve got a meeting scheduled for next month already, looking toward the change in schools next fall. After I read this thoughtful post, I decided we’d better get prepared even before this year was over (little knowing C.O. would bring it on early). I’m sending a copy of that post to each team member before we meet so they can see what I already KNOW is this child’s future. Hopefully someone will have a plan to offer.

Meantime, Little Miss needs further speech work, now that we can see the language itself is hampering her understanding of schoolwork and the need to be able to regurgitate and express back to the teacher. Do you think we can get it anywhere within 35 miles of home? All I have to ask for is “pragmatic speech therapy,” that her school speech teacher thought would be so easy to schedule, and I get, “Hem, haw, no openings for that in the foreseeable future, have you tried city X?” Or “There might be an opening…if you want to take her out of school to go to sessions in the morning.”


So as the children bickered over dinner about the spinach I was eating and how only sailors could eat spinach, I have to confess I was thinking of myself sailing away on the deck of that ocean liner with a cool drink in my hand. I’d wave back at them as we headed into the sunset. Really, I would.


9 thoughts on “Can you say ‘I told you so’?

  1. Thanks for the link and sorry about what happened. Meanwhile, I was so passive that it took 10 years of public school before I ever hauled off and hit someone. And I don’t remember it either. I just knew that I was angry, and then the next thing I knew, I was holding this girl up against the interior wall of the bus, I had ripped her overalls, she outweighed me by at least 20 pounds and she scared out of her mind.

  2. Wow! thanks for the link. lastcrazyhorn has a point: to be overly passive is to be a time bomb. Actually, I can follow C.O.’s reasoning. How hard will it be to teach him ‘no hitting no matter what…?’

  3. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Yes, you called it. I think you are doing the right thing – printing out that link would be fantastic – it’s so compelling. What gives me encouragement, however, is the principal’s seemingly thoughtful action and response. And if nothing else, at least it will force them to believe your concerns are real and perhaps be more willing to figure out a plan.

    I don’t think you could do more than you are doing. Sailing off into the sunset sounds great, and as long as you wave… 😉

    Hang in there.

  4. wow…talk about calling one there. Though to him…crackers must have been the real issue. I hope the transition goes smoothly. Our boy is also heading off to mid school next year. Transitions are never fun!

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