Skip the ammo, pass the Nyquil!

So Little Miss is home sick. She’s finally learned to share–though the sharing of germs was not really what I had in mind at the time of that lesson. Yes, that means I’m home too, hacking up a lung. She doesn’t seem nearly as sick as me, but that doesn’t reassure me much.

I don’t know about other kids with autism, but Little Miss is  particularly oblivious to sickness. She very seldom indicates that something hurts, even if I’ve seen her fall. It may hearken back to the early days when she would just be ‘somewhere else’ every time she didn’t want to deal with whatever was going on in front of her. Her pain threshold may be different than everyone else’s–last fall she got a nasty case of plantar’s warts and sat and watched as the doctor scraped off the remains without any anesthesia. Didn’t seem to hurt her a bit. The doctor was amazed, but then she has a kid on the spectrum too. So I think she was more interested in understanding why.

Apparently Fate believes Little Miss has enough challenges and doesn’t inflict passing viruses on her often. So we’re grateful. The consequence though is that sometimes I don’t realize something’s wrong with her when she is sick. I’ll never forget the day I ended up at the doctor’s office because she suddenly spiked a 104.5 degree temperature. Turned out she had a major strep throat that must have hurt like hell, but she never said a word. The doctors looked at me like I was the worst mother ever.

After 8 years, I’m finally starting to detect non-verbal signs of something not quite right. Her behavior and focus diminish when she’s not well. She doesn’t listen, as if she’s elsewhere. Alternatively, sensory events that she’s been able to handle for a long time will set her off. But none of these are guaranteed. She’s also becoming more verbal and I’ve tried to explain that if she hurts or doesn’t feel good, she should say something.

I’m still wondering if I should buy a mini-doctor’s kit to be able to check her ears and throat every so often, just to be sure. The doctor’s comment was “No, no, that’s not necessary. By the time it gets bad enough she has to have treatment, it will be obvious.”

Somehow, that’s not so reassuring.

Meantime, please pass the tissues and the cough drops. Enough to share. Thanks.


6 thoughts on “Skip the ammo, pass the Nyquil!

  1. I think the obliviousness to illness and injury is par for the course with hypo-sensitive kids. (J broke his elbow last year and I didn’t realize anything was really wrong for 5 hours!)

    Get well soon!

  2. Personally, I very rarely get sick, but it seems that little cuts like paper cuts, hurt me more than actual major injuries.

    Sorry to hear you’re sick. My mother’s philosophy about being sick is that you should drink lots of water and other fluids and “flush” it out of your system. 🙂

  3. Advice noted and taken! 🙂 I skip the Nyquil, actually, it makes me sick. *L*In this context, it’s more…metaphorical, hmm? And I think we’re on the upswing. Maybe by spring….

  4. *sings* On the upswing, by spring, we may think to bring, a little something that’s not so upsetting, like maybe a pretty ring with a fling that has a certain sheen, ooohhh that sounds sooo keen and clean . . . .

    What a fiend. *rolls eyes*

    Well that was mean!

    At least I’m not a teen . . .

    or lean for that matter

    like a bean

    that you glean

    while you sing

  5. There once was a girl named Jean
    Whose parents were very very mean
    So she got them back
    By sticking them with a tack
    And now they are very very lean.

    There once were three girls in a hut
    Whose door wouldn’t open or shut
    Two slept while one thought
    Because she was caught
    Between the two by her gut

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