Authors Unite!

You may notice a new feature on the blog today: The Polka Dot Banner (PDB). No, this is not a nostalgic reminder of all those cute little dresses we all wore back in the day. It’s a group of authors banding together to promote their work.

The site’s founder, Jamie Saloff, author of Transformational Healing, acknowledges that one of the fundamental changes in the book publishing business these days is the expectation that authors will contribute to their own marketing and sales. The PDB offers authors an easy chance to connect with readers and also to manage marketing by making contacts for workshops, signings and more right through the website.

Many agents and publishers ask whether an author has an Internet presence, and that becomes a crucial connection with the market. For those who don’t yet have their own site, the PDB can be a place where your book and contact information is available to millions of potential readers. The basic author subscription is for FREE, but very reasonably priced levels are available if you want more than just a basic listing. If you have no time to fuss and have another site already, they’ll do the work for you, transfer the data, etc., with the right option package.

Better yet, you don’t already have to have a published book to join up! Jamie has created a special category called Book Friends. Book Friends have an inside track to talk to the authors, can post in the forums and discuss their favorite books, and are eligible each month for free prizes and giveaways like gift certificates to It’s a win-win for everyone.

The process is so easy–I signed up last night in less than 15 minutes. Here I am!

Payment is through Paypal; a real piece of cake. Authors get a fabulous newsletter with tips on how to help promote your book, and the comfort of knowing that every time someone hits the PDB site, it may mean someone looks at your precious baby. PDB even lets you list a direct link to your publisher, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other booksellers so if someone likes what they see, they can buy it. Right then.

Jamie has a goal of 100,000 hits to the site by the end of January, and she says they’re on track. I’m just encouraged that there are authors interested in helping each other be successful. If one wins, we all win. Come by, bring some coffee and put your feet up for awhile. You’ll find something you like.

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