Where has all the smart, funny sci-fi gone?

I suppose I could subtitle this: “OR WHY I NO LONGER WATCH THE FOX NETWORK.”

Yes, fellow sci-fi fans, this is about Joss Whedon’s Firefly, and follow-up Serenity. Each time I think I’ve got the sting out of my system that it’s cancelled, BAM, someone brings up the subject again and opens the wound. Nooooo not again!
But this time it was a good thing.

Gamers who love the ‘Verse will be able to experience the joys of the Alliance and the Browncoats through the ship Serenity once again in 2008 as the Multiverse Network, Inc., releases a Firefly massively multiplayer online game (MMOG). While there seems to be some mystery as to the actual state of development or date of release, any incarnation of these fine criminals is worth checking out.

I always loved this show, even though I’m not a big Western fan. Living in a rural area, I’m constantly surrounded by people who aren’t all dandied up like they are on Persephone, so it’s all good. Besides, can you really believe the future will be as button-up and clean as Star Trek? Hardly the way we humans tend to run things. As River says, we “meddle” in how other people choose to run their lives. Better to live on the edge.

The humor was edgy as well, sharp with sarcasm, and there were mysteries aplenty yet unsolved at its untimely end. Most of the actors involved also tell how the project was a delight and wonderment to them–good vibes all around.

For me, I’m glad Firefly does not rest in peace. I hope the media mediums keep trying to bring it back from the dead, as long as any of us are here to watch. These nine living, breathing, wonderful characters deserve the chance at life. Nine. NINE. NINE. (Joss Whedon, you bastard!!!)

5 thoughts on “Where has all the smart, funny sci-fi gone?

  1. You know the other thing? (after watching ‘Objects in Space” again). I think I always appreciated how River was nearly autistic, from what we see in our household, anyway. Altho that episode is a little wacky from the get-go.

  2. It was a great show, but thats just not enough. Entertainment is a business and it helps to remember that the core motive is profit – not “art” or entertaining us or making the world a better place.

    Not that that makes is any less annoying when your favorite show is canceled.

    I have been pleasantly surprised lately that the shows I have taken to seem to be on the track to longevity. (Chuck, Moonlight, and a few others)

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