A funny thing happened…

It always does.

Or at least it helps to think it’s funny; finding humor in even the darkest situation helps pull you through. It’s usually there. Maybe you won’t see it for years. Then you’ll think back to the time you nearly got busted on your 21st birthday for hitchhiking home from the bars, and instead the cop made you drive the other guy home IN HIS CAR.

See? It’s funny now.

Life needs humor. It’s the only thing that keeps you from just losing it a lot of the time. As a parent, being able to smile at the achievements of your children, even the goofy ones, makes up for the tantrums and dark times. As a writer, being able to insert a clever bit of wit in an otherwise tense scene really makes your piece. As a lawyer, being able to lighten the process of disintegration we take our clients through every day is a true service. “Laughter through tears, that’s my favorite emotion,” Truvy says in Steel Magnolias.

I think she’s got something there.

How does humor light your dark corners?

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